We’re so excited to have a new and modern website with better search functions, better organization and a members only section for our membership.  Please let us know what you think and if you find some places that we can organize better, let us know.  With our new format, we’ve got a lot more capacity to change things for the better.

We just finished up two meetings in mid-November, one to discuss the Western Visibility Improvement Initiative and one to talk about fire and smoke.  Both were well attended in our hybrid format.  For our members, we’ll be posting summaries and other materials here in the members only section.  

Heading into 2023, WESTAR and WRAP have a lot to discuss.  We’re working on developing an application for exceptional event submittals, working on recommendations to EPA for the third round of regional haze planning and bringing our membership together to talk about coordinating air quality improvements in the west.  Our spring meeting is April 25-27 in Portland, OR; mark your calendars and plan to join us!