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Wildland Fire Policy Review

WESTAR has initiated an effort to review policies for addressing the air quality impact of wildland fires. As part of this effort, the Council has established stakeholder workgroups on Policy Issues, Science & Technology and Communications / Outreach. Recommendations developed by these groups will focus on the following issues:

Recommendations formed by the workgroups will be forwarded to the western state air agencies and stakeholders including EPA's new Wildland Fire Issues workgroup being established under the FACA Subcommittee for Ozone / PM / Regional Haze Implementation to discuss national policy pertaining to wildland fire.

Associated Web Pages and downloadable documents

Communications and outreach support documents (.PDF):
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Facts sheet

Assorted issue papers

Scientific white papers (.PDF):
Background on the role of fire

What wildland fire conditions minimize emissions and hazardous air pollutants and can land management goals still be met?

Air monitoring for wildland fire operations

Emissions inventories for SIP development

Estimating natural emissions from wildland and prescribed fire

Elements of a Smoke Management Program

  Download Fire Policy workgroup proceedings (Jan. 27, 1998 mtg, San Diego) [.PDF]
  Download Fire Policy workgroup proceedings (May 20-22, 1998 mtg, Orlando) [.PDF]