WESTAR Policies

WESTAR Policies & Procedures


1. Articles of Association
2. Bylaws
3. Organization Chart
4. Key Contact List
5. WESTAR and WRAP Joint Operating Agreement

General/Administrative Policies

GA-00-01 Use of Business Credit Cards by WESTAR Employees
GA-00-02 Contracting and Procurement
GA-00-03 Cybersecurity

Financial/Accounting Policies

FA-00-02 Dividend and Interest Procedures
FA-00-03 Executive Director’s Expenses – Approval and Check Issuance
FA-00-06 WESTAR Travel Expense Reimbursement
FA-07-07 Overhead Cost Allocation
(approved Cost Allocation Plan)

Personnel Policies

P-00-01 WESTAR Council Personnel Policies
P-00-02 Cost of Living Adjustment
P-14-03 Cell Phone Policy

Operating Procedures

1. Records Management and Retention
2. Time Reporting
3. Property Management
4. Salary Administration
5. Payroll Administration
6. Selection of Training Providers
7. Grant Payment Requests
8. Coding and Account Allocation Procedures
9. Overhead Allocation Procedure
10. Internal Financial Control Procedures
11. Proposal Evaluation and Selection of Contract Recipients

Policy/Procedures Archive (Revocations and Revisions)

Revoked GA-00-03 Regional Training Center, Speaker Travel Reimbursement
Revoked FA-00-04 Indirect Cost Repayment from Non-Grant Accounts
Procedure #4: Salary Administration (updated)
Procedure #7: Grant Payment Requests (updated)
Procedure #9: Overhead Allocation Procedure (updated)
FA-00-05 Indirect Cost Allocation (replaced by FA-07-07)
Articles of Association (revised 11/6/13)
GA-00-02 Contracting and Procurement (revised 2/7/14)
FA-00-06 WESTAR Travel Expense Reimbursement (revised 9/17/14)
FA-07-07 Overhead Cost Allocation (revised 4/1/14)
Supplement on unspent FSA contributions (rescinded 12/10/14)