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The Western States Air Resources Council

The Western States Air Resources Council (WESTAR) was founded in 1988 by eight western state air agencies. Since hiring staff and opening its office in early 1992, the Council has grown to fifteen states extending from Alaska to New Mexico; from Hawaii to North and South Dakota. WESTAR was formed to promote the exchange of information between the States, serve as a forum to discuss western regional air quality issues of common concern and share resources for the common benefit of the member states. WESTAR, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Portland, Oregon, and Fort Collins, Colorado, has a staff of five and is funded primarily by federal grants.

In 2013, the Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) joined WESTAR, bringing additional federal, tribal, and local air agency members. Visit WRAP's website for a list of members. 

WESTAR's Purpose

The purpose of the WESTAR Council is to:

About WRAP

The Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) is a voluntary partnership of states, tribes, federal land managers, local air agencies and the US EPA whose purpose is to understand current and evolving regional air quality issues in the West. 

These issues include but are not limited to:

To accomplish this, WRAP develops, maintains, and shares databases, supports technical analyses, and provides access to data and results from various information sources to produce consistent, comparable, and complete results for use by individual WRAP member jurisdictions and agencies.

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