Spring 2015
WESTAR Business Meeting
WRAP Membership Meeting

Tuscan Hotel
San Francisco, CA
April 8 - 10, 2015

Wednesday, April 8th  

** Continental breakfast will be served beginning 7:30 AM**
8:30 Executive Session  
    State Air Directors only - Agenda and other documents will be in Board room
10:30 Break  
10:45 WESTAR Business  
    Consent Agenda  
    - Review/approval of previous business meeting summary   Draft meeting summary
    - Location of 2015 fall WESTAR/WRAP meeting   Locations of previous meetings
    - Nominating Committee recommendations - 2015 WESTAR Board   Past WESTAR Presidents
      Committee recommendations
    Staff Reports   Staff report
Committee and workgroup reports Planning Committee report
Technical Committee report
    Financial Report (Terry O'Clair)   Spring 2015 financial status
    National monitoring committee report (Gordon Pierce)   Monitoring Committee report
12:00 Lunch (on your own)  
1:30 Methane impacts - management, studies, and rules    
  - DoI BLM - Methane studies and management (Mary Uhl)   Mary Uhl presentation
  - Airborne measurements of methane during the NOAA SONGNEX Study (Joost de Gouw, NOAA)   Link to NOAA AQ study press release
Joost de Gouw presentation
  - Update on EPA oil & gas activities (Bruce Moore and Carey Bylin, EPA)   EPA Oil & Gas update
2:15 Climate change on western federal lands: How does it affect us and what can we do about it? (Linda Geiser)   Linda Geiser presentation
2:45 Break  
3:00 111(d) - Focus on Tools (Jeff Gabler)    
- Update on NACAA's Menu of Options and Model Plan (Larry Greene, Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD) Larry Greene presentation
- Applying EPA's Building Blocks to Confirm EPA's Calculations and Develop Possible Compliance Alternatives (Craig Henrikson, MT DEQ) Craig Henrikson presentation
4:00 FRAPPE/DiscoverAQ air quality studies (Gordon Pierce)   FRAPPE/DiscoverAQ overview
5:00 Adjourn    
** No host dinner**
Meet at 6:00 in the lobby

Thursday April 9th  

** Continental breakfast will be served from 7:00**
8:00 Report from EPA/OAQPS (Anna Wood and Chet Wayland)   Anna Wood presentation
  - Update from OAQPS on the status of policy and technical initiatives   OAQPS Rules/Guidances/Memoranda Released Since 2010 Related to Implementation of NAAQS, NSR, and Title V Permitting
  - A list of topics has been provided to the speakers for discussion    
9:00 Regional Haze Planning (Rita Bates, Anna Wood)   WESTAR RH webpage
  - WESTAR recommendations on Regional Haze Program improvements (Tina Suarez-Murias)   Tina Suarez-Murias presentation
  - Update from OAQPS on Regional Haze rule changes and guidance (Anna Wood)    
10:15 Break  
10:30 Exceptional Events (Eric Massey)   WESTAR EER webpage
  - Update on rule revisions and guidance (Anna Wood)   Anna Wood & Eric Massey presentation
  - Report on "best practices" discussions with States and Regional Offices (Anna Wood)  
  - Arizona's EE process improvement analysis (Eric Massey)   Eric Massey presentation
  - Roundtable discussion: Questions will be circulated in advance of the meeting   EE roundtable questions
11:45 Lunch (provided)  
1:00 Interstate transport and "background" in the west  
    Western regional modeling results (Tom Moore)    
- Regional Technical Center and WestJumpAQMS - follow-up workshops Link to workshop summaries
Tom Moore presentation
    - WRAP-EPA Western Modeling Workshop - "Modeling Air Quality from the Global to Local Scale", May 11-15, 2015   Link to modeling workshop agenda
    EPA analysis (Chet Wayland)   Questions supplied in advance
Chet Wayland presentation
    - 2008 Ozone NAAQS "Good Neighbor" transport modeling results   2008 Ozone "Good neighbor" memo
2008 SIP Requirements rule
    - Highlights from April 8th transport meeting in RTP   EPA modeling update
Demonstration: WRAPFireTools analysis and planning tools for Ozone impacts (Matt Mavko, Air Sciences) WRAPTools webpage
Matt Mavko presentation
2:30 Break    
2:45 Implementing a New Ozone Standard (Gail Cooke)   WESTAR comment letter
  - Rural nonattainment   Presentation - ozone comments
  - Improved tools needed for:    
      Exceptional events - fires and stratospheric intrusions  
      Rural transport areas  
      International transport  
  - Secondary standard    
4:00 Panel Discussion: EPA priorities and the federal/state partnership (Moderator: Dan Johnson)    
  - Debbie Jordan (EPA Region 9 Air Administrator)   Debbie Jordan slides
  - Carl Daly (EPA Region 8 Air Administrator)    
  - Anna Wood (EPA OAQPS)    
5:00 Adjourn  

Friday April 10th  

** Continental breakfast will be served from 7:30**
Conference line: will be provided
8:30 WRAP Administrative Block  
  - Board member terms and changes in members  
  - Budget and workload status  
  - Membership outreach  
9:15 WRAP Program Activities  
  - Status reports on current projects  
  - Timelines for current and future projects  
  - Budget and workload status  
9:45 Break    
10:00 Finalize WRAP technical work plan  
  - Discussion items - based on review questions for Action Plan draft   Strategic plan
  - Timeline   Action plan draft
  - Deliverables   Action plan questions
  - Workgroups and committees    
  - Approval of Action Plan - next steps    
12:00 Adjourn  

Please fill out a meeting evaluation form and email it to Dan Johnson.