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WESTAR Spring 2014 Business Meeting
WRAP Membership Meeting

Grove Hotel
Boise, ID
May 27-29, 2014

Tuesday, May 27th 

1:30 Introductions  
    Agenda review (Alice Edwards)  
    Welcome to Idaho (Tiffany Floyd)  
1:45 WESTAR Business  
    Report from Executive Director (Dan Johnson)   Exec Director Report
    Consent Agenda  
    - Review/approval of previous business meeting summary   Draft meeting summary
    - Location of fall WESTAR/WRAP meeting   Alyeska Resort brochure
    - 2014 WESTAR Board of Directors - Nominating Committee Recommendations   2014 Board of Directors nominations
    Staff and Committee Reports   Staff report
Planning Committee report
Technical Committee report
Monitoring Steering Committee report
Financial Report (Bryce Bird) Financial Report
2:30 Federally Reportable Violations Reporting (Dan Johnson)   Johnson presentation
  - Udpates to reporting requirements   EPA presentation at NACAA meeting
  - AFS modernization status report   EPA presentation at NACAA meeting
          5/23/14 draft FRV guidance
2:45 Updates on Citizens Air Monitoring (Gordon Pierce)  
  - Citizens air monitoring guidance   Pierce presentation
3:00 Adjourn General Session    
3:15 Executive Session - State Air Directors    
  - State Air Directors to convene in Board conference room   Background information will be provided in the conference room
5:00 Adjourn Executive Session  
** No host dinner**
Meet at 6:00 in the lobby

Wednesday, May 28th  

** Continental breakfast will be served from 7:15**
8:00 Regulating Air Quality Impacts from Oil and Gas Development    
    (Moderator: Jeff Gabler)    
      - Will Allison, Colorado   Highlights of Colorado's new O&G rule
      - Steve Dietrich, Wyoming   Regulating O&G impacts in Wyoming
      - Terry O'Clair, North Dakota   O&G Impacts in North Dakota
      - Mary Uhl, Bureau of Land Management   BLM, Oil and Gas, and Air Quality
9:00 Climate Change (Moderator: Jeff Gabler)    
  - Western Interstate Energy Board - Methane Leakage and Clean Air Act Section 111(d) collaborative discussions (Richard McAllister, WIEB)   Methane leakage presentation
111(d) presentation
  - Moving Forward on 111(d)    
    - Meeting Summary: Summit of Energy Producing States (Terry O'Clair)   Energy Producing States Summit
    - NACAA's Menu of Options and Model Plan (Stu Clark)  
    - Open Microphone: Planning for 111(d) (Dave Klemp)    
10:00 Hot Topics  
    SO2 Technical Support Document (Clint Bowman)    
    EPA Priorities, EPA/State Partnership, and Litigation (Dan Johnson)    
10:30 Break  
10:45 Updates from EPA OAQPS (Anna Wood, EPA)  
    Partial list of topics:   Anna Wood's presentation
    - Status of SIP Reform initiative    
    - Interstate transport  
    - Excess emissions SIP call  
    - Status of SO2 NAAQS litigation  
    - Regional haze  
    - Ozone NAAQS review  
    - Exceptional events and fire policy  
    Slides form Anna Wood's NACAA presentation will be posted   Anna Wood's 5/6/14 presentation
Noon Lunch (provided) - Induction of New WESTAR Board of Directors  
1:15 Regional Haze (Moderator: Bob Lebens)  
    2018 Regional Haze Workplan and Timeline (Karin Landsberg)   Workplan & timeline for 2018 RH SIP
    Panel discussion: Improving the Regional Haze Program    
    - Panelists:  
    - Pat Brewer, National Park Service  
    - Anna Wood, EPA/OAQPS  
    - Karin Landsberg, Alaska  
2:15 Exceptional Events and Fire Policy    
    Panel discussion:    
    - EER, Fire Policy, and Forest Health (Pete Lahm, USFS)   Pete Lahm presentation
    - Experiences and lessons learned in Arizona (Eric Massey)   Eric Massey presentation
    - Experiences and lessons learned in Wyoming (Darla Potter)   WY Natural/Exceptional Event Packets
WY EE letter guidance, review process 
  - Open microphone and feedback for/from EPA (Beth Palma, EPA/OAQPS)   Refer to slides 19-24 from Anna Wood's presentation for status report
  - Next steps for WESTAR (Dan Johnson)    
3:00 Break  
3:15 Planning Ahead for a New Ozone Standard (Moderator: Tom Moore)  
  - Western transport, background, and wildfire analysis and work products (Tom Moore)   Tom Moore presentation
  - Planning, training, and program management activities underway in Idaho (Tiffany Floyd)   Tiffany Floyd presentation
  - Open microphone - other state air program efforts  
4:15 Fire Response and Smoke Management (Moderator: Tom Moore)  
  - Oregon Joint Agency Fire Response Protocol (David Collier)   Collier presentation
  - Idaho smoke management program (Mary Anderson)   Anderson presentation
  - Federal programs and initiatives (Pete Lahm)   Pete Lahm presentation

Thursday, May 29th  

** Continental breakfast will be served from 7:15**
Conference line: 1-888-394-8197, access code: 845138
8:00 Welcome and Introductions - Alice Edwards  
  Review of topics from previous days' meeting (PDF)  
8:30 WRAP Administrative Block - Alice Edwards  
    Charter amendment status (PDF)  
    Board membership, officers, and terms (PDF)  
    Financial report summary across active WRAP projects (WESTAR May 2014 financial report)  
    WRAP Projects -Status Reports (PDF)  
    - JFSP-Fire Impacts on Particulate Matter  
    - MT-Dakotas BLM - completion of O&G Emissions Inventory  
    - BLM-API 1-hour NO2 Drill Rig Study  
    - 3-State Air Quality Study coordination  
    - EPA grant for air quality/RHR planning and membership support  
    - 3-State Air Quality Study Data Warehouse / Regional Modeling Framework  
    Meetings and schedules  
9:15 WRAP Program Activities (Moderator: Tom Moore)  
    Panel discussion: Federal agencies' interactions/needs    
       Office of Wildland Fire - Dick Bahr (bio)(PDF)  
       National Park Service - Mike George (PDF)  
       Bureau of Land Management - Mary Uhl (PDF)  
       EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards - Anna Wood (PDF)  
10:15 Break  
10:30 WRAP 2014-18 Integrated Workplan Presentation - Tom Moore (PDF)  
11:15 Workplan Group Discussion and Feedback
11:45 Next Steps - Alice Edwards  
12:00 Adjourn  

Please fill out a meeting evaluation form and email it to Dan Johnson.