Fall 2014
WESTAR Business Meeting
WRAP Membership Meeting

Alyeska Resort
Girdwood, Alaska
September 17-19, 2014

Wednesday, September 17th  

7:30 Executive Session  
    State Air Directors only - breakfast will be provided in Board room   Bering Room
    Agenda and other documents will be in Board room  
** Continental breakfast will be served in the main meeting room beginning at 8:00AM**
9:15 WESTAR Business   Attendee list
    Welcome, introductions, agenda review (Eric Massey, Alice Edwards)   Welcome to Alaska
    Consent Agenda  
    - Review/approval of previous business meeting summary   Draft meeting summary
    - Location of spring WESTAR/WRAP meeting   Locations of previous meetings
    - Policy updates   Proposed Travel Policy revisions
    Staff and Committee Reports   Staff reports
Technical committee report
Planning Committee report
National Monitoring Committee report
Financial Report (Terry O'Clair) Fall 2014 financial report
10:15 Hot Topics    
  - Citizen Monitoring update (Gordon Pierce, via phone)   Citizen monitoring presentation
  - Highlights from AAPCA meeting (Dan Johnson, other attendees)   AAPCA agenda
10:45 Break  
11:00 Training - Learning Management System Demonstration (Jeff Gabler)   APTI-Learn website
12:00 Lunch  
1:30 Climate Change (Moderator: Alice Edwards)   Climate effects on food supply
  - The science: NPS resources in Alaska and the climate related activities - Guy Adema, National Park Service   Climate effects on NPS resources in Alaska
  - Native Village Impacts in Alaska - Susan Flensburg, Bristol Bay Native Association   Climate impacts on native villages in Alaska
  - Mitigation and adaptation - Michael Black, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium   Sustainable utilities in the changing arctic
3:00 Break  
3:15 Proposed Existing Source Performance Standard for Power Plants [111(d)] (Moderator: Jeff Gabler)    
- Roundtable Discussion:
    * Agency 111(d) Comments   111(d) roundtable questions
    * How Does Your Agency Intend to Meet Its Goals?    
- Tools and resources to assist in 111(d) plan development
- Discussion: formation of 111(d) implementation workgroup
4:45 Adjourn    
** No host dinner**
Meet at 6:00 in the lobby

Thursday September 18th  

** Continental breakfast will be served from 7:00**
8:00 Implications of a Revised O3 NAAQS on Western States (Bryce Bird)    
  - Utah case study   Utah case study - western ozone
Data spreadsheet
  - Q&A with EPA (Anna Wood)   Ozone topics for Q&A discussion
9:00 Exceptional Events (Moderator: Eric Massey)    
  - Status report from EPA (Anna Wood, EPA OAQPS)   EPA EE presentation
    - EPA's consideration of rule revisions    
    - Technical tools and process aids    
  - Recent experiences in Arizona: lessons learned    
    - Update on Arizona's streamlining efforts  (Eric Massey)    
    - GR2 radar tool (Brad Busby)    
  - Roundtable discussion: State experiences, best practices, lessons learned   EE roundtable questions
10:15 Break  
10:30 Report from EPA Headquarters (Anna Wood, EPA/OAQPS)  
    Briefing on topics important to western states, local agencies and tribes   Anna Wood presentation
11:45 Lunch  
1:00 Panel Discussion: EPA Priorities and the State/Federal Partnership  
    - Dave Klemp, Montana    
    - Ursula Nelson, Pima County (AZ) Dept. of Environmental Quality  
    - Mark Asmundson, Northwest (WA) Clean Air Agency  
1:30 State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Regulations (STRONGER) Guideline Document (Ryan Steadley)   STRONGER presentation
2:00 Regional Haze Planning   2018 RH workplan and timeline
  - WESTAR Workgroup report (Karin Landsberg)   Workgroup presentation
  - Follow-up on WESTAR recommendations (Anna Wood)   RH roundtable questions
3:15 Break    
3:30 Finalize WRAP Work Plan (Alice Edwards, Tom Moore)   PDF
  - Background and status   Link
  - Organization and structure   Link
  - Technical and planning work activities   Link
5:00 Adjourn  

Friday September 19th  

** Continental breakfast will be served from 7:30**
Conference line: will be provided
8:30 WRAP Administrative Block - Alice Edwards  
    Board membership, officers, and terms   PDF
    Financial report summary across active WRAP projects   Link
    WRAP Projects -Status Reports   PDF
    - JFSP-Fire Impacts on Particulate Matter  
    - MT-Dakotas BLM - completion of O&G Emissions Inventory  
    - BLM-API 1-hour NO2 Drill Rig Study  
    - EPA grant for air quality/RHR planning and membership support  
    - 3-State Air Quality Study Data Warehouse / Regional Modeling Framework  
    Meetings and schedules    
9:30 WRAP Program Activities (including break)  
    Budget implications - funding the work plan - regional haze example and Appendix K   PDF
12:00 Adjourn  

Please fill out a meeting evaluation form and email it to Dan Johnson.