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WESTAR Fall 2013 Business Meeting
WRAP Membership Meeting

Magnolia Hotel
Denver, CO
November 6-7, 2013

Wednesday, November 6th

** Continental breakfast will be served from 7:00**
7:30 Executive Session  
    State air directors and staff only  
    Background documents will be available in meeting room  
8:30 Introductions  
    Agenda review (Alice Edwards)  
    Welcome to Colorado (Will Allison)  
8:50 WESTAR Business  
    Staff summaries  
    - Review/approval of previous business meeting summary   Meeting summary
    - Action items from previous meeting   Action item status
    - Staff reports   Staff report
    - Financial reports (Bryce Bird)   Fall 2013 financial status report
    National Monitoring Committee report (Gordon Pierce)   Monitoring report
    Committee Reports (Bob Lebens, Committee Chairs)   Planning Committee report
Technical Committee report
Locations for spring 2014 and fall 2014 meetings Previous meeting locations
9:30 Hot Topics  
  - Revisions to WESTAR Articles of Association (Dan Johnson)   Proposed revisions to Articles
  - BLM Organizational Overview (Dave Maxwell)    
  - Update on NSPS for wood burning devices (Bob Lebens)   EPA working draft woodheater NSPS
10:00 Break  
10:15 Roundtable Discussion: Permitting challenges with short-term NAAQS   Letter to EPA re NO2 permitting
  - Topic: Describe permitting challenges you are facing with the short-term NO2 and SO2 NAAQS and how you are addressing them   Background - NO2 permitting issue
11:00 Exceptional Events and National Fire Policy (Phil Lorang, EPA)   EPA exceptional events presentation
  - Status of EPA Rule development   Listening session questions
  - Summary of input from listening sessions and other meetings    
  - Status of guidance on wildfire effects on ozone    
  - Next steps    
11:45 Lunch  
1:00 EPA Briefing Scott Mathias (EPA/OAQPS)   OAQPS presentation to WESTAR
    Topics to include:   OAQPS presentation to NACAA
    - Implementation of ozone NAAQS  
    - Interstate transport rule  
    - SO2 NAAQS implementation  
    - Regional haze rule - consideration of program improvements  
2:00 Hot Topics  
    Personal air quality monitors (Gordon Pierce)   Personal monitor presentation
    Infrastructure and transport SIPs (Dan Johnson)   Summary of April listening sessions
    Calculation of Oil and Gas area source emissions using new EPA tool (Terry O'Clair, Tom Moore)    
3:00 Break  
3:15 Regulating Existing Power Plants Under Section 111(d) (Lisa Conner, EPA OAQPS)   EPA existing source design considerations 9/23/12
        EPA new source fact sheet
          Existing sources - selected viewpoints:
            - UARG presentation
  - NRDC presentation
  - NACAA principles
          Lisa Conner presentatiion
5:00 Adjourn  
** No host dinner**
Meet at 6:00 in the lobby

Thursday, November 7th 

** Continental breakfast will be served from 7:00**
Regional Studies and Planning for WESTAR and WRAP Members
8:00 Results from Western Regional Ozone Modeling (Tom Moore)   Model results
    WestJump AQMS modeling results, including:    
      - International and fire  
      - Natural/anthropogenic  
      - State to state  
8:45 Health Effects from Particulates (Dr. Arden Pope, Brigham Young University)   Dr. Arden Pope presentation
10:00 Break  
10:15 2018 Regional Haze SIP Planning (Karin Landsberg)   RH Workgroup presentation
    Report from the Regional Haze Workgroup   RH SIP flowchart
10:45 Panel: Managing Western Air Quality: Partnering and Collaboration  
    - Shaun McGrath, EPA Region 8 Administrator  
    - Holly Propst, Policy Director, Western Governors Association  
    - Martha Rudolph, Colorado Director of Environmental Programs and ECOS Air Committee Chair  
    - Ondrea Barber, Executive Director, Department of Environmental Quality, Gila River Indian Community  
12:00 Lunch  
1:00 WRAP Membership Meeting  
    Welcome, introductions and agenda review  
    Business items, including Charter discussion  
    Proposed Charter Amendments PDF  
    Timeline PDF  
    State Letter PDF  
    Tribal Letter PDF  
    Local Air Agency Letter PDF  
    WRAP Projects' Status and Administrative Actiions Report PDF  
1:45 Regional Modeling Framework for the West  
    Establish the vision (Alice Edwards)    
      Draft vision: "Our vision is to be the leading technical and planning information source for air quality management in the western United States."  
    Discussion: WRAP member priorities   State priorities presentation
2:45 Break  
3:00 Regional Modeling Framework for the West - continued (Tom Moore)  
  - Project status report   Project status report
  - Building the framework   Framework
    - The missing pieces  
    - Funding  
  - Comprehensive WRAP workplan    
4:30 Revisiting the Vision (Alice Edwards)  
4:45 Summary of action items; adjourn  

Please fill out a meeting evaluation form and email it to Dan Johnson.